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Nov 10 2023

G2013-14 FREE Soccer Camp

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Moorpark Soccer Club is excited to announce its upcoming G2013-14 FREE Soccer Camp. This camp is designed for girls born in the years 2013 and 2014 who are interested in learning and playing soccer. The camp will provide an opportunity for young girls to develop their skills, learn new techniques, and have fun playing the game.

The FREE Soccer Camp will be led by an experienced coach who will provide professional training and guidance to each participant. The camp will be a great opportunity for young girls to meet other players and make new friends while improving their soccer skills.

The Moorpark Soccer Club is committed to promoting the game of soccer and providing a positive and fun environment for young players to learn and grow. This FREE Soccer Camp is just one of the many programs offered by the club to help young players develop their skills and love for the game.

Registration for the camp will be available now. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to improve your soccer skills and have fun playing the game with other young players!

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